Home Worcestershire Cricket News ‘Dealing with Difficult Ones’ Coaching session proves to be a big hit; Message from the Worcestershire Coaches Association

‘Dealing with Difficult Ones’ coaching seminar hosted by the Worcestershire Coaches Association at LQ Area, Stourport last Thursday proved to be a big hit with many coaches attending.

Among the topics covered were ADHD, Autism and Dyspraxia which culminated in a very informative practical coaching session.

This is the fruition of Worcestershire Coaches Association’s promise to continually support their members in upskilling their coaching. The Association have started discussions with WCCC on mentoring and are open to requests in offering support this summer.

Membership of the ECBCA gives access to a vast amount of extra learning through iCoach, affords quarterly communications and also provides insurance support which ultimately safe-guards a coach.

The Association is aware that in some cases there’s a reluctance to spend £35 a year but we do owe it to the next generation of cricketer and indeed coach to make sure they have a thorough understanding of what good practise and technique looks like.

Just 10p a day updates you with that vital information and in a world where we update our smartphone app overnight without thinking, what’s the difference?

The Association does need more members and Worcestershire Clubs will attract more members where parents, grandparents and guardians have confidence that ECBCA Coaches are coaching their children.

Membership is a small gesture that clubs can actually give back to their coaches as a Thank You for their support over a year and also nominating them for the annual awards for Young Coach of the Year, Coach of the year and Outstanding Achievement which helps make a Coach feel valued.

The Association need our members to voice what they would like to see and would welcome opinion on what we have done well and what clubs would like us to do in the future.