Cricket Development Groups to Club Support Groups

As you maybe aware, Cricket Development Groups have evolved over the last couple of years moving from delivering you the district cricket programmes, to focussing on making clubs stronger. On the back of these changes, more clubs of all shapes and sizes are now benefitting from these groups. Our next mission is to make more clubs aware of the support available in order to help you improve your club off the field of play, in turn becoming more sustainable on it.

It’s about making your club better not just junior cricket

As a result and in order to ensure more clubs are aware these groups are here to support holistic club development, we have decided to change the names of our Cricket Development Groups, which will now be called Club Support Groups. In addition to this we have doubled the amount of funding available to clubs who attend from £100 per annum to £200 per annum, helping you fund more people to attend courses, in turn creating more volunteers to support you and your club.

Up to £200 bursaries available for clubs who attend ¾ meetings

We are committed to ensure all clubs have the same opportunities, whilst supporting clubs who help themselves. By attending the Club Support Groups your club falls into this category and will be viewed as a priority in terms of allocating grants or support from Worcestershire Cricket and ECB initiatives, as opposed to those who do not. So help yourselves, attend the meetings and take something away to support your club.

Attending these meetings not only benefits your club but also makes you a priority for support in the way of grant allocations and various programmes

The meetings are aimed at encouraging club leaders to get together and discuss club cricket issues, ranging from accessing grants and programmes to looking at recruitment of more volunteers. The answers are in the room.


Cricket Support Group Funding Policy

Cricket Support Groups Funding Application Form